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Hermes leather guide

With Hermes artisans only making between 3 to 4 bags a week by hand, it makes sense for Hermes to pair that exquisite level of detail with only the best quality leather. When it comes to quality, Hermes spares no expense. But as any discerning luxury buyer knows, leather isn’t just ‘leather’ and Hermes offers a range which all have their own unique qualities.

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Togo skin

Made from a calf, Togo is a popular leather on Bags of Luxury and for good reason. Togo holds its shape well, it has a good scratch resistance. Many clients enjoy the raised grain but smooth-to-the-touch texture. Togo is lighter than the clemence leather and holds its shape better, however, how rigid you prefer your bag to be is up to you.

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Box Calf skin

For those looking for an Hermes handbag with the smoothest finish, the box calf leather may be your answer with its soft glossy look. It is a strong ridgid durable leather. However, be careful in wet weather as water will mark the leather and scratches are easier to come by.


Barenia skin

This is the orignal saddle leather used at Hermes. It wears extremely well over time.


Chevre skin

This Hermes leather comes from goat hide and is extremely resilient against scratches as well as being lightweight, making it suitable for anyone wanting a Hermes bag for resilient regular use.


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